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UPDATE:  Due to recent inquiries, we are adding this note that a lease arrangement and Rights of First Refusal may be possible.

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A domain name is an integral part of your business. A domain name is your email, your website, and part of your marketing campaigns.  The difference between a domain name and other marketing expenses is that you are acquiring a presence; a presence which defines you.  Domain names are a unique identity for your business. They help establish, promote and protect your brand. They are your address on the Internet.  It is how and where customers find you.   

Among all of the most desirable domain names, those that contain only two letters are the rarest and the most wanted. They offer instant prestige.  General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, and LG Group and many others, get millions of dollars of public relations value from their two-letter domains, proven by what they are willing to pay for the domains. Facebook paid a reported $8.5 million for the domain in 2010.  And due to the recent transactions of being purchased for $4.7 million and being purchased for over $2 million, we are now accepting offers for this domain,

Short dot com domains are rare and very hard to obtain, but some of the rarest domains are two names, and with very good reason. Only 676 (26 x 26) .com domains exist that are 2 letters. Many of them are considered to be the Internet’s most valuable real estate.  Consider Google, Phillip Morris, General Electric, Volkswagan, Burger King, and Barnes and Noble.  These domains are primarily owned by big brands and great visionary companies.  In addition, over 100 famous brands own their "two letter" domain.

The majority of good domain names sell for around $5,000 to $20,000, however, premium domains and short domains, easily command in the hundreds of thousands or millions. The question is not how much a domain name cost but how much value the right domain name can bring to your business.  We all know that real estate is a tangible value… and we accept that value increases with time, especially for premium real estate.  Domain names are Internet real estate.  They are your address on the world-wide web.  Two-letter dot coms, like, are the cream of the crop; super-premium Internet real estate.  According to a survey from domain marketplace provider Sedo, 73 percent of respondents indicated that owning the right domain name is a key factor in a marketing campaign's success.  With domain names taking such prominent roles in marketing success, the value of two-letter domains are destined to increase in value.

JE is incredibly easy to remember.  A quick visual of, and someone will easily recall it and type it into their browser.  You can’t beat that for permanent recall marketing.  Not only is your domain easily recalled, but also email addresses, so contacts are made easier and faster.  And every time someone types your short domain, they will be reminded of your prestigious position in your industry because YOU own a rare two-letter dot com domain; more than likely the only one in use in your industry.

What do you own after investing in traditional media advertising sources like on radio, television, and other marketing avenues?  Absolutely nothing.  What do you own after investing in a premium domain?  The domain.  Forever.  And there are also intangible factors like authority which domain names offer that traditional media can never compare to. Super-premium domains like define your prestige and authority in your industry. 

The one who purchases will more than likely be the owner of this domain for life.

Is that you?

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